by Team RobertMening

It is really important to find the right domain name. Very often people think, that if they have a quality website and business, people will visit your site no matter what the domain is. Unfortunately very often this is not true at all.

Your domain is very important because:

  1. Your URL is the first thing your visitors will see and a good domain name can make a positive and lasting impression.
  2. It affects your SEO ranking and right keywords in your domain name can improve your ranking significantly.
  3. Your domain name is great branding opportunity and the right domain name can increase your brand recognition.

For example we have chosen to go for the which is clearly more marketable then or something similar.

During the guide below we will introduce you 7 tips how to choose the perfect domain name.

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P.S. If you are with you can get it for free (1 year). Alternative domain registrars is  which we recommend as well. These two are the most professional ones who also offer a lot additional services.

Top 7 Tips How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

1.Brandable vs Generic domain name

Our experience has shown that brandable domain name is always better than generic. You have to keep in mind that your domain name is how visitors will find, remember, and share your company on the web. Obviously it is the basis of your brand. So brandable domain name is unique and stands out from the crowed compared to generic, which is very often stuffed with keywords.

You can find brandable domain names by thinking of your business, products, location, history, but you can also make up your own catchy new words. Or you can use domain name generators which will help you to create unique, brandable domain names from your initial domain ideas and keywords.

2. Keep It Short and Easy to Type and Pronounce

Generally when it comes to the length of domain, then shorter is always better. According to the statistics the most common name length is approximately 12 characters. We recommend to Aim for 6-14 characters – and remember: the shorter, the better.

Keep also in mind that your visitors should be able to type your domain name without a problem. If you have to explain the spelling of your domain name then you have already failed- check it with you friends!

Same goes for the pronunciation, it has to roll of your tip of your tongue easily.

3. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Remember how your domain name should be easy to spell and pronounce? It is clear that Hyphens and numbers make it more difficult, so avoid it and stick on the letters.

4. Use right Keywords

Keywords can help to improve your SEO, but you need to be careful here. If you try to awkwardly add keywords into your domain, you could easily ruin your domain and make it generic.

If you choose to use keywords, put the keywords at the beginning of your domain. That’s where they’ll be the most powerful for your ranking. Like we did with

You can find keywords with tools like Google Keyword Planner and

5. Think Big and Long-Term

When you are choosing your domain, think long-term. Because if you decide to change the domain in the future, it will cost you money, branding, and SEO rankings. Believe us, this is painful process. We are currently building our domains from the scratch and it is very time consuming work.

You have to consider the development of your company, products, services, blog content etc.

6. Check Availability on Social Media Sites and Trademarks

Before you even think about the registration of your desired  domain name, check to see if the name is available on social media sites, as well as if there are any trademarks already registered to the name.

It’s ideal to have the same name across your domain and social networks. This builds familiarity and makes it easy for your visitors, fans, and customers to find you around the web.

Knowem is the search engine that shows you if your brand name/domain name is available throughout over 25 popular social networks and if there are any trademarks already registered to the name.

If it’s taken, try to change or tweaking it.

7. Use the Right Domain Name Extension

You can be sure of one thing: “.com” is always the best.

Avoid those weird extensions like “.club”, “.space”, “.pizza” and so on.

Extra tip:

If you’re planning to start a blog or personal website, it may be best to use your own name! However from the branding point of view, it is always much harder to brand a name then a unique word.


Your domain name is one of the key factors to your website success. Make sure to put enough effort to choose the right one, we are sure that these 7 tips help you to make the right decision.