by Team RobertMening

A logo is one of the most important parts in branding next to your domain name and very often it acts as the “face” of your entire website. Logo very often gives the first impression that someone has of you as a company.

With the right logo design and colour schemes you can differentiate from the competition and show to people that you’re having a serious business.

However, designing a logo for your business website or blog could cost between $400 and $2000. On the other side low-budget teams very often does not have the needed resources or skills to design a logo on their own.

Here comes to play FREE online logo makers and generators. There are countless logo generation tools that can help you build your brand with a high-quality logo. It is not hard at all to create a logo of your dreams.

How to design a Great Logo?

Before you start brainstorming and gathering ideas keep in mind that 93-95% of the top brands in the world only use 1 or 2 colours in their logos. So the colours you choose for your logo matter a lot.

As each colour creates human emotions, you should pick a colour that is aligned with your company’s goals. When choosing the colours of your logo, look website It describes quite well the psychology of the colours. But do not get overwhelmed here, think about your products, content, services and all will work out well.

Now that you know some fundamental tips how to make a beautiful and professional logo, the next step is to choose the right tool to create it.

Please find TOP 5 FREE Logo Makers that we recommend!

1. Canva

Canva is one of the most popular free design solutions and it has been on the free design market for a while now. It offers free and also paid templates for social media images, flyers, invitations, business cards, and more. They have serious lineup of templates which have a large variety of free and paid logo options. You can start with one of their free templates, and then try to change the text, colours, fonts, etc.

You can also upload your own graphics, or choose from Canva’s massive library of free elements to add to the logo template with the simple-to-use drag-and-drop feature. With the help of Canva you can always download your design as a PNG, JPG, or PDF.

2. Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services has thousands of design templates that can used for free. It is very simple to use, just start by choosing your business area, then enter your text. You can choose between icons, badges or text-based logos.

Check through all the pages of free designs showing your custom text and once you find a design you like, save it or make customize it even more. You can change icons layout, colours, and fonts so that it suits most with your brand.

3. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is as easy to use as other free logo generators. Simply type in your company name, choose from 20 different business areas, the application will preview thousands of free logo templates. Customize the colour, shape, and font, and download it.  If you would feel that you log could be with higher-resolution, then you can invest $59 and you can download a high-resolution file which will satisfy even a very demanding designers.

4. Graphic Springs

Like other logo makers on the list, Graphic Springs work with the same logic: choose a template from multiple categories, enter your business name, choose your image category, pick your logo, and edit it with ease. Filter your options through new or popular logos.

With a $19,99 you will get a bit more creative freedom with you logo design.

5. LogoMakr

LogoMakr offers an easy-to-use software program as other players on the market. You can start by searching shapes and icons, after that you can edit your colours, size, and more. Text can be arrange in whichever way you want, while customizing your font type, size, and colours.

In sum

Free logo generators are super valuable tools. Remember that your logo is one of the most important parts in branding next to your domain name. It acts as the “face” of your entire website or company. The biggest negative aspect while using free logo generators is, that when you need a high-resolution files you might need to pay extra. However we have done hundreds of websites without paying a penny, be smart!