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If you think that a quality website and solid business will put people to visit your website no matter what the domain is, then you are mistaken. Your domain is very important because:

  1. Your URL is the first thing your visitors will see and a good domain name can make a positive and lasting impression.
  2. It affects your SEO ranking and right keywords in your domain name can improve your ranking significantly.
  3. Your domain name is great branding opportunity and the right domain name can increase your brand recognition.

Hopefully, you’ve already chosen your domain name. If you haven’t yet, please check out our article: How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

If you have a domain name chosen, then just follow this our step by step guide and you’ll have everything you need to successfully register that domain name.

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There are 4 options to register a domain name:

  • Get a FREE domain (for 1 year) from  Bluehost 
  • Register through
  • Register through
  • Register through
  1. Get a Free Domain using Bluehost

One of the easiest tricks that we recommend people to use is to get a domain and web hosting together. To launch your own website, you’re going to need both of them. What is most important, this trick will also help you to save some time and money.

Bluehost currently offers FREE domain name and hosting is $3.95 a month. But if you are running a business website, blog or online store and expect more traffic, then always choose the Choice Plus plan. Choice Plus plan will include all the needed features to run a proper professional website. Please check the difference between the plans here!

If you already have a web hosting and just need a domain name, then choose one of the reputable domain registrars below!

Register a Domain Name with

Step 1: Click to and type your chosen domain name.

Step 2: When you see that your domain name is available, it will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

Step 3: Under your chosen domain they offer Domain Privacy, which will costs $8.99 per year. Here you have to make a decision on your own. If you consider important that now one knows which domains you own, then take the service. If you’re not interested you can simply un-check the box.

Step 4: Select for how long do you wish to register it! If you are serious with your business, then we recommend to take minimum 2-3 years so that you do not need to worry about the expiry. Click to “Continue”.

Once you’ve selected your domain term, punch the “Proceed to Billing” button and enter your payment details.  After that, your domain name will officially be registered. Features and Prices Rundown

  • .com extension – $9.99/year (renews at $13.99/year)
  • .org extension – $14.99/year
  • .net extension – $12.99/year (renews at $15.99/year)
  • WHOIS Privacy – $8.99/year
  • Google G Suite – $6.00/mo
  • Web Hosting – $1.99/mo (renews at $3.75/mo)
  • SSL Certificate – $3.33/mo
  • SiteLock security – $2.08/mo

Register a Domain Name on GoDaddy

Step 1: Go to and type your chosen domain name.

Step 2: When your domain name is available, select the $2.99 option, then select “Continue to Cart” on the top right.

Step 3: On the next screen, you can decide if you want domain privacy protection. Once again, here you have to make a decision on your own. If you consider important that now one knows which domains you own, then take the service. If you’re not worried about people knowing the domain you own, then simply select “No Thanks”.

Step 4: Select the term and proceed to checkout.

Keep in mind that the most cost-efficient term is currently for two years, giving you a 41% discount.

Now hit the “Proceed to Checkout” button. After that you have to create an account, followed by entering your payment details. That’s it, your domain is registered!

GoDaddy Features and Prices Rundown

  • .com extension – $2.99/year (renews at $17.99/year)
  • .org extension – $11.99/year (renews at $20.99/year)
  • .net extension – $13.99/year (renews at $19.99/year)
  • WHOIS Privacy – $9.99/year
  • Email – $1.99/year (renews at $4.99/year)
  • Website Builder & Hosting – Free first month (renews at $5.99/mo)
  • SSL Certificate – Included with hosting

Register a Domain on NameCheap

Step 1: Go to and insert your chosen domain name.

Step 2: If your domain name is available, click the add to cart button and then “View Cart” button to proceed.

Step 3: NameCheap offers you a free privacy protections. With this service they are standing out from the rest of the competitors.

Step 4: Select the length of the term and click “Confirm Order”

After you’re signed up and entered your payment details your domain name will be registered on your name.

NameCheap Features and Prices Rundown

  • .com extension – $8.88/year (renews at $10.88/year)
  • .org extension – $12.98/year
  • .net extension – $12.98/year
  • WHOIS Privacy – FREE
  • Google G Suite – $6.00/mo
  • Email – Free for 2-months (renews at $3.88/year)
  • Web Hosting – $1.28/mo (renews at $2.88/mo)
  • SSL Certificate – $3.88/year

Common Questions About Domain Name Registration

What are Domain Name Extensions?

When choosing your domain name, there are several extensions you can choose from:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • Etc.

You can be sure of one thing: “.com” is always the best.

Avoid those weird extensions like “.club”, “.space”, “.pizza” and so on.

If you’re chosen domain name is already taken by a “.com”, we recommend you to choose a new domain instead of a new domain name extension.

What are Most Popular Domain Name Registrars?

Domain name registrars are organizations that manage the reservation of internet domain names. You’ll need to use only one of these registrars. Here you can find top domain name registrars that we recommend:

How to Change Domain Name Servers?

To change your nameserver, you must log in to the domain name registrar with whom you registered your domain. Remember, domain name servers (DNS) are the internet’s equivalent of a phonebook.

From there, the process might vary based on your registrar, but there should be following basic steps:

  • Find the DNS manager within your registrar.
  • Choose the DNS that you’d like to change.
  • There should be an option like, “Use custom nameservers”. Click that option.
  • Enter your desired new nameserver.

As you are changing you DNS use this option to also renew your domain name term. Don´t forget renewing! Otherwise, your domain name will go offline and within a few weeks, your domain will be on sale.


This simple guide helps you to register your domain name quickly and easily. If you need some support how to setup website, start a blog or open an online store please see our step by step guides for beginners.

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Good luck!